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We are the piano movers Pretoria can count on for safe transportation of your precious pianos.

Pianos are a staple in many homes. Even when people don’t play professionally, the piano always makes a beautiful display as a décor piece adding classic charm and prestige to the home. However, they are also quite heavy and difficult to move. That is why we exist!

We’re proud to announce that we have over 10 years of experience in the piano transport industry with a team of pros at your service. At PianoWorx, we use only the most reliable modes of vehicles, equipment, and expertise to tackle all your piano transportation needs.

We offer piano moving services for those who want to keep their pianos in their homes but need help with the heavy lifting. We will also help move your piano for renovations to your home. If you need your piano moved, we’ve got it covered. Even larger grand pianos have a place in many homes and with us, you can move your grand concert piano with ease.

Piano Transport Services Pretoria – for near and far moves with a hands-on approach

We offer a range of piano transport in Pretoria throughout the province. We can assist even if you’re moving long distances within South Africa. We have the experience and expertise to move pianos of all shapes and sizes. We have moved pianos from Pretoria to Cape Town and we specialise in long distance piano moves.

Part of our commitment is providing the best customer service possible, ensuring you’re always satisfied with a job well done. You may need assistance with disassembly to get your piano stored on our removal vehicle and then reassembly once at the destination. We use our special equipment to skilfully disassemble and reassemble as needed without causing damage to your piano.

Experienced professionalism with every piano we move in Pretoria

Throughout our time, we’ve learnt the value and investment concerns of owning a piano. Thus, we trust and use state-of-the-art equipment to transport your prized and grand instrument safely. Our experience and stellar reputation set us apart from our competitors.

We guarantee service with the utmost care and are always willing to help with any questions or concerns you might have.

Piano Movers Pretoria – Here’s Why You Can Trust Us With Your Grand, Baby Grand and Other Pianos

Our team includes professional piano movers trained to handle your precious possessions with care. We frequently move pianos of all sorts, including huge and heavy grands, electric uprights, and whatever makes and brands our customers have. We also know that pianos cost a fortune, so we ensure that your investment is well taken care of while in transit and in our possession.

Piano movers Pretoria gives you guaranteed peace of mind

We know how stressful relocating and moving can be, but we aim to take some of that stress off your shoulders when moving your piano. With our team of expert piano movers, you can ensure that we have you covered.

Prep work is taken care of by us

We can help you prepare and have a seamless process to meet your piano relocation needs. From the start point to the end, we guarantee a secure process.

Professionalism at its best

Our highly professional and trained teams use the utmost care when in transit with your piano. We present reliable service, a hands-on approach and professionalism throughout the process.

Service excellence going the extra mile

We are available for all piano moving services and can also provide you with custom packing if needed.

Insured security for ultimate peace of mind

We’re a fully insured piano removal service giving you secure peace of mind. We cannot afford to make mistakes, but in life, sometimes unforeseen things can occur, and thus we take full responsibility for covering the expenses through our insurance should something unforeseen happen.

Market competitive rates guaranteed

We offer the best prices without skimping on quality. When it comes to your investment piano, we can’t afford to lower the standards of quality. We give you affordability plus superior professionalism and execution.

Trust travels far and wide

Because we deliver the best, our clients have grown to trust and rely upon our piano transport services to get from one place to the other. We have a large client base spanning over two thousand and counting.

Custom piano crates

Sometimes you need to transport your piano for a long trip, or you’re relocating a long distance. We can safely make it happen. We also provide custom-made piano crates to accommodate your piano and its size. This is especially handy on a long journey with your expensive instrument.

No matter the situation, you can depend on us to provide a hassle-free piano move experience!
Are you still looking for a team you can trust to help you move your upright, grand or baby piano? Look no further, as we offer you all you need for piano transportation.


The piano was not intended to be a portable musical instrument, so it is not only very heavy but also very awkward to move from one place to another. Upright pianos can weigh anywhere between 200 and 500 kilograms, while concert grands can weigh up to a whole ton. Simply letting go of the instrument while it is suspended a few inches above the ground is enough to cause significant damage. As a result, we strongly suggest employing the services of a specialized moving company that not only has the experience necessary to move pianos but also possesses the necessary equipment to ensure that the instrument is not damaged during the move.

It is possible to move a piano, but it is not recommended because pianos are very expensive and heavy, and you risk damaging not only yourself but also the instrument if the move is not performed correctly.

We do, in fact, have insurance coverage in the event that your piano sustains accidental damage while we have it in our care.

When done properly, moving a grand piano requires first disassembling it into its component parts. This protects not only the legs but also, and more frequently, the pedal lyres from getting damaged. The legs of the grand piano will each be removed and wrapped individually before the instrument is turned on its side and placed on a piano cradle. This specialized moving equipment for grand pianos allows for the instrument to be carried and lifted without putting any strain on the piano itself. After being secured with straps and cushioned with blankets, a grand piano can be moved through a standard doorway with relative ease.

The frame of a piano can be subjected to anywhere from 15 to 19 tonnes of pressure, and it is also sensitive to changes in location. Additionally, the piano’s balance may be compromised as a result of the move.

Electronic piano or keyboard

Electronic pianos and keyboards are very similar, if not the same really. They are put together with artificial components like circuitry and electronics to work. It also works with an electronic power plug to get the sound going. The electric piano/keyboard can often play other tunes that are impossible with a real piano. Some themes might be the sounds of objects or animals, as the electronic version of the piano imitates the sound effects of other things.

A piano is a classic instrument that features organic materials. It is often made with pure wood, and the sound is produced by skilfully crafted and fixed fibres and spruces to the keys. The materials used in crafting a piano play an essential role in how the instrument sounds at the end of the day.

When comparing pianos with keyboards, a piano is much more expensive. But this makes sense since the piano is carefully crafted and employs various calculations in the design to make it the successful instrument it is today.

The pitch of a piano is vital for the sound of the instrument. It gives it its tone and ability to play on its own and alongside other instruments. Pianos are often at the balanced pitch of 440hz but sometimes they are tuned at 435hz.

The action is a very important component of the piano. It is a mechanical system that allows a sound to produce at the stroke of a key with the players’ finger. In the inside, after the key is pressed, the mechanism part linked to that key will strike another section like a hammer. This process results in sound production.

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Below are a few of out happy clients that we have served over the years that we have been in the business of moving pianos

Piano Worx helped me move my upright piano from JHB to Cape Town. There prices were very reasonable. Jason and his team did a great job, would highly recommend them if you need to move a piano. They are the real deal
Daniel Kemp
My piano was moved for me by the Piano Worx team, and I am absolutely blown away by their service. They moved my piano carefully, but in a very short amount of time. They were very efficient. They were very gentle with it, and after it was moved into its new home, they checked on it to ensure that everything was in working order. Additionally, the staff was very warm and welcoming, which contributed to an overall positive impression of the event. They come very highly recommended from me.
Greg Paton
Jason and his team are highly professional and dedicated to their work. I am extremely satisfied with the manner in which they handled (transported, stored, cleaned, and tuned) a grand piano that is of the highest quality. They are going to get my highest recommendation for any and all piano-related services.

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